Finger Lakes Leadership

BusinessResources_LeadershipClass-2013-LogoFounded in 2002, Finger Lakes Leadership is a professional development program sponsored by the Canandaigua, Geneva Area and Seneca County Chambers of Commerce.  This dynamic partnership  makes Finger Lakes Leadership a true regional program. Participants benefit from a program agenda with a focus on regional assets. The program is designed to identify, educate, and motivate a select group of individuals who live and/or work in the Finger Lakes Central region for growth in positions of workplace and community leadership.

We invite you to nominate an employee or yourself, for enrollment in the Finger Lakes Leadership program.  Program participants will grow in awareness and understanding of the challenges and issues facing our region. They will also develop valuable contacts and communication networks within the community. Most importantly, the Finger Lakes Leadership program builds confidence and motivation to become actively involved in promoting positive change for the area.

Employers and sponsoring organizations will see increased leadership and problem solving skills in their employee. Finger Lakes Leadership allows doors to be opened for greater corporate/organizational community involvement and visibility, and helps identify where strategic alliances might be forged. It will create additional opportunities to influence positive change and impact quality of life in the community. The community will experience immediate benefit from increased involvement on the part of the participants, and will reap future benefits from the collective commitment to effective leadership by the graduates of the program.

Each year, a group of individuals are selected to participate in a nine-month educational program that consists of a kick off dinner, eight monthly day-long sessions, and a community service component. Participants receive in-depth exposure to the critical issues facing the Finger Lakes Region through lectures, discussion groups, on-site visits, and other leadership development activities.  Issues to be addressed during the year include human services, government & politics, technology, economic development, health care, education, agriculture, and tourism. The program enables participants to develop their leadership capacities, build strong relationships and prepare themselves for the challenges of the years to come. The class of 2014 will also benefit from the expert training provided by Finger Lakes Community College’s Professional Development & Continuing Education Program.  Also new this year, each participant shall receive 2.1 CEUs through FLCC upon completion of the Finger Lakes Leadership program.

We welcome the opportunity to add you to our list of participating companies and for your nominee to join our ranks of more than 200 alumni.  Class size is limited and selection will be based on first come-first served, so don’t delay; send your nomination in soon.

Finger Lake Leadership Downloads:

Finger Lakes Leadership Application

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