Hosmer Winery Releases Expanded 2013 Single Wheel Riesling Series



Finger Lakes, April 12th, 2016 – Hosmer Winery has released the second vintage of their single vineyard Riesling series, under their sister brand Single Wheel Wine. This year the 2013 Single Wheel Dry Riesling is joined by 3 additional Rieslings also characterized by the unique and specific block from our vineyard the grapes were sourced from, the single clone of Rieslings used, and the single fermentation yeast used on each. This series consists of Single Wheel Riesling: First Spoke (dry), Single Wheel Riesling: Second Spoke (semi dry) and Single Wheel: Third Spoke (semi sweet).


The “Spokes” represent the components of the “Wheel” that symbolizes the single cycle of Single Wheel wine: one vineyard, one variety, one clone, and one grape-growing season. “We want to remove as many variables as possible: narrow it down as far as location, clone and winemaking in order to highlight the effects of soil, season and vine maturity” says creator, Tim Hosmer.


So what do you get when you narrow it down?  “A greater ability to taste the wines like we do.”  Says Patrician Verona Vineyard Grape Grower, Cameron Hosmer “We taste a wine from the farm and it becomes a vehicle- your mind goes to the growing season we had, to the shale bedrock that you found when you planted, to the tank the juice went into during the fall; it becomes a window you can look back through.”


By restricting the origin of Single Wheel Rieslings and practicing non-interventional winemaking, Hosmer Winery hopes that window can open for consumers as well, allowing them to follow our vineyard through its wines. In time, you will be able to watch the ebb and flow of the vineyard’s life in your mind’s eye with each sip.


The Single Wheel series is already garnering high acclaim. The 2013 Single Wheel Dry Riesling received a “Double Gold” and “Best in Class” at the International Eastern Wine Competition. The Single Wheel Second Spoke received 90 points and the First Spoke 89 points in Wine Enthusiast.
The public can find the Single Wheel series of Riesling at Hosmerwinery.com and at Hosmer Winery’s tasting room located at 7020 Route 89 in Ovid, New York.