Hearing on Seneca Depot Conservation Plan Oct 22

Seneca White Deer

New York Issues Draft Update
of the State’s Open Space Plan


New York State has issued its draft update of the state’s Open Space Plan. The draft Plan identifies the former Seneca Army Depot as a priority property, but makes no specific suggestions on how to protect it. New York State is seeking comments on the draft at hearings statewide in October, and written comments will be accepted until December 17.


The hearing for Region 8, where the former Depot lies, will take place in Avon, NY on October 22.


Seneca White Deer, Inc. will appear at the Avon hearing to propose that the State acquire a portion of the former Depot and establish an ecotourism facility for the public to view the deer and enjoy the unique environmental aspects of the Depot.


Seneca White Deer, Inc. (SWD) is asking its supporters to join the effort to convince the DEC’s Open Space Plan Regional Advisory Committee to make a strong recommendation in support of our plan. You can send a letter or an email, or make an appearance at the regional hearing.

White Deer are unique to Seneca County

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