About the Finger Lakes Gateway and Seneca County NY

According to Native American legend, this land was blessed many moons ago by the Great Spirit. In doing so, it placed an outstretched hand over the region leaving five, finger-shaped impressions. Thus, the Finger Lakes were born.

WhilLIFL region.lakes mape this account leaves more to the imagination, one thing is for certain – the Finger Lakes Region of New York State is truly blessed. Our lakes were actually formed centuries ago in the glacial age. The glaciers gouged their way down from Canada, scraping out streams and shaping the contour of the land. The minor depressions left behind would later become the basis for lakes.

In all, there are eleven lakes that are known as the modern Finger Lakes. The largest of the lakes measures 41 miles in length, while the smallest is just 3 miles long. The people that make up the Finger Lakes also have a fascinating tale of existence. From early Native American tribes (the namesake for many lakes and towns) to celebrated faces and events in U.S. history; our illustrious past is enough to captivate even the most spirited minds.

When you visit Seneca County, the northern gateway to the Finger Lakes, you not only get to experience the breath-taking views of the lakes, taste award winning wines and learn about history, you get to meet the people that make this area truly unique.

We hope you enjoy the #Faces & Stories from the Finger Lakes Gateway, Seneca County NY.